Walking El Camino… a life changing experience? a “bit” of exercise? detox times?… let’s take it all!

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The adventure begins

  /  @ Spain   /  The adventure begins

“The beginning of a new adventure."

Ilusión, mucha. Nervios, algunos. Mochila, creo que anoche cenó demasiado. De camino a una nueva y fantástica aventura y escuchando sin piedad “Tú ere’ mía to’as las veces que yo quiera”… gracias al criterio musical de nuestro compi de viaje…

We feel grateful and happy.

A transition day from using our fingers to using our toes. Feels weird to wind down. Karma is already working for us -from helping a peregrino in the bus station we caught the 3:30 instead of the 5:30 bus. Revisiting the same place after two difficult years was emotional.